Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I've Moved To Another Site!

Dear loyal readers,

Hey there, everybody! First of all, I'm not dead! I'm actually still alive - high school and college just took up all my spare time! Second of all, I'm not proud of this blog- I wrote these posts back in middle school and it sadly shows. I wince every time I read one of these posts- so many mistakes contained within them. My writing skills have thankfully improved and so have my critical thinking skills. Plus, I've seen more movies in the time since then- some truly great films along with some not so-great atrocities.

Since I'm still a blogger by heart, I've moved my thoughts to my official website where I tackle on cult movies, my newest obsession. Cult movies have literally nothing to do with cult- they're actually offbeat movies that have found acceptance amongst loyal/crazy fan bases. I'll still use this website but more in the vein that Nate Hood uses for his Movie Journal, as I'll use this mainly as a journal to briefly record my thoughts and feelings down. Any official review that a film gets will be on my new website, Journeys Thru Cult Movies. From now on, please check that site out as it's a lot more professional as well as more interesting- think of it as what happens when you blend 366 Weird Movies, Movies Silently, Pre-Code.Com and Good Tickle Brain together with Brandon's Cult Movie Reviews. If you got all those references, you're certainly an awesome person. If you didn't, you're still certainly an awesome person!

This new website's URL is This is where my new headquarters is located; please check it out! Thank you and have a good day, my loyal readers!

Love, Matthew Floyd

P.S. I'll really miss this site though- it's where I got my first taste of the blogging world and where I have made so many friends! Thank you so much for being supportive of this socially anxious person in a time that he greatly needed it! Please stop by the site, and contact me; I'll enjoy talking to you!

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