Friday, July 13, 2012

Note For The Hitchcock Blog

I've got some good news and some bad news on my post of Night Train To Munich. The bad news is that I just arrived from Paris yesterday. Orginally, I was going to write my post today, but thanks to a horrible side effect known as jet lag, I was unable to write it. Sorry. But the good news is that I have started on the post and it will be up by tomorrow. Thanks for your consideration.


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  2. Hey, Matt, it's me, Dorian Tenore-Bartilucci of TALES OF THE EASILY DISTRACTED and CLASSIC BECKY'S BRAIN FOOD, your Blogathon co-hosts! :-) We were glad to have you sign up for the BEST HITCHCOCK MOVIES (THAT HITCHCOCK NEVER MADE), but we were sorry to hear you've been unable to get your blog together. We sure hope you'll decide to do your NIGHT TRAIN TO MUNICH post sometime, if only because you made it sound so enticing! It's never too late to post! :-) Keep us posted, won't you? Thanks for your eagerness!

  3. Yo! This is Nathanael Hood from Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear! Sorry to contact you via comments, but I don't have your email address. I just posted the schedule for my blogathon on my site. Could you leave a comment giving me the link to the site you will post your entry to and an email address where I can contact you? Thanks!