Monday, March 5, 2012

An Introduction to Film (or why in the world am I doing this)

               When I was two, my mother showed me The Wizard Of Oz. With its imaginative storytelling, wonderful characters, fantastic plot, extravagant musical numbers, and its childlike entertainment, it quickly became one of my favorites. Now, I still enjoy with the same love, mainly because it's timeless but it can still be enjoyed by adults as well as children. As Cinemassacre once said in a review of its sequel, "That's what classics are made of." And I agree with him, because this movie has everything that you want and more.
          Tragically, our modern day movies seem to live up to the splendor of the olden days. We've got countless villains that fail to make us scream, comedies that everyone wants to see burned alive, and just really bad movies that seems to multiply ever year! Now, there are some great movies playing in the theater. In fact, I've got another blog devoted to them, so they won't be listed here. Sorry, but you still can check them out on
            Since you obviously won't be going to the worst movies out there since you will a) bored to death by pure badness or b) don't want everyone bored to tears by badness. So, while you wait for that guaranteed modern masterpiece to play on the big screen, why don't you take a deep breath in the glorious past of the movies. After all, they're still offer delightful surprises and enjoyable joys after all these years. In fact, some of them are even better than today's best. ( No kidding. Just check out the enjoyable Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory and compare it to its dark remake or The Day The Earth Stood Still to Transformers. No contest.)
             Now, I won't be biased, for I will try to examine them carefully and decide if it's in the three main categories that I will be making up today. They will either be in the good, the bad, or the  stupid. Hmm. That's almost as boring as the worst movies ever. Let's spruce it up a bit. They will be known now as essential, horrible, plain stupid, and okay. ( Yes, I know that there were only supposed to be three, not four.But I had to add it in!)
          Then, they will be added to another category of whether or not it will be okay for the kids, or you, or everybody. Some films haven't lived up to be tested on children, and some of them haven't been tested well enough for you. As Ty Burr said, "That's the dirty little secret about old movies." In my language, if it doesn't interest you, skip it. If the kids don't buy it, skip it. Simple.
             I will be reviewing every type of movie from the silent days to when it's twenty years old. The reason is that in order to experience movies, you have to see both the oldies and the sort-of newies.  Just looking at both the influence and how it's being influenced is part of the fun.
           Lastly, here's the reason why this blog is called Classic Cinema Reviews For Kids. After I saw The Wizard Of Oz, I began to connect with stories and how stories get to be made. Sure, books are awesome, but movies are accessible to just about everyone. They speak the same language universally, and plus if kids get to know them, they might be less afraid to go into the woods of cinema. And the best part about it is that you get to spend more time with them! So enjoy. :)

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